Yoga Requirements


* Should already know yoga.

From where you have learned is irrelevant. There is no aristocracy in yoga. However, if you wish to learn yoga from us, we will be introducing online videos soon. To stay updated, become a FREE member here.

* Possess decent ability in the yoga postures, breathing techniques, or meditations you wish to get certified.

Quality is important, not the number of years you’ve practiced or hours you’ve taught.

* Make simple video recording on your smart phone of you demonstrating your yoga skills.

We must see your skills with our own eyes.

* Upload your video directly to our secure and private dropbox

We will never share your video.

* Fill our questionnaire.

We’d like to know more about you!

* Accept our Oath of Yoga Instructors.

For purposes of best practices, every applicant must agree to this noble oath.

* Some other requirements according to the type of certification you need: standard, holistic, school, or studio.

See and compare requirements here.

Choose the type of certification you need and compare requirements here


Namaste! We're here to help. Please drop us an email and we will get right back to you. Thank you


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