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Today, many doctors and other certified healthcare professional such as a pharmacists, nurses, chiropractors, and others are recommending patients to try yoga, breathing techniques, and meditation. They often bring positive results where traditional medicine has not helped.

Numerous evidence-based, peer-reviewed studied have been published in mainstream journals that clear suggest yoga's positive affects on health and well being.

Many healthcare professionals have themselves tried yoga and experienced its benefits.

Yoga, breathing techniques, and meditation have the potential to help millions of people.

RightYoga invites medical professionals worldwide to join us and encourage people to try yoga. You will be helping thousands of people around the world take up yoga and experience a higher quality of life.

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RightYoga facilitates and encourages healthcare professionals to share and discuss their experiences - positive and negative - with other healthcare experts, yogis and patients on an international platform.

RightYoga promotes holistic teamwork. Science and alternative medicine should work together to heal our world. Yogis, doctors, pharmacists, nurses, chiropractors etc. need to work together.

RightYoga has a vision of healing the world through the rapid spread of yoga.

RightYoga recognizes that modern medicine has a lot to offer. It literally a lifesaver in many situations where alternative therapies would be meaningless.

This is why RightYoga’s certified yoga instructors are required to pledge this Oath to:

“Refer my students to medically certified healthcare professionals if in any doubt about their physical or mental condition – and refuse to teach yoga to such students until appropriate approval has been acquired.”

“Yogis sometimes need doctors. Doctors sometimes need yogis,” says our founder Sanjay C Patel.


Please note:

Medical professionals do not have to be certified yoga teachers to join Doctors for Yoga.





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