Yoga Certification for ALL Yogis - Including Self-Taught

Self-taught yogis and yoginis will finally get AFFORDABLE certification and be able to teach students.

We are offering self-taught yogis and yoginis the opportunity to get the highest yoga certification without throwing away thousands of dollars to attend a course you don’t need.

In accordance with the holistic ancient tradition of yoga, RightYoga uses the term 'Yoga' as an umbrella term that rightfully includes yoga postures, breathing techniques, and meditations etc.

Therefore our "Holistic" category of Yoga Teacher Certification encompasses all these skills according to the selections of the applicant.

Yoga certification requires many things: experience, wisdom, knowledge, honesty, and acceptance of numerous ancient traditions.

With so many wonderful self-taught and home schooled yogis around the world wishing to share their skills, we also need to use online technology to make yoga certification for them to be accessible, affordable, and simple.

Following are the modern challenges our online yoga certification by FORMER MONKS and doctors has resolved:


  • Self-taught yogis and yoginis cannot get certified because many yoga groups do not appreciate their expertise
  • Self-taught yogis and yoginis have practiced yoga for years and are more authentic than most western yoga instructors
  • Self-taught yogis and yoginis are forced to pay upwards of $8,000 to attend classes they don’t need
  • Self-taught yogis and yoginis outnumber newbie western yoga instructors
  • Yet the future of yoga is being commandeered by these few newbies and glamor marketers.
  • Some newbie instructors tell their students its ok to kill animals and eat non-veg, drink alcohol, and smoke whatever they want
  • Some yoga instructors enter unprofessional relationships with students that bring shame on the yoga name.
  • Some students are alleging sexual misconduct by their yoga instructors
  • This behavior has recently bred some mistrust of yoga instructors.
  • The yoga taught at many classes not authentic, scientific, or healthy
  • Yoga students are suffering injuries
  • The yoga taught at these classes often excludes the highly healthy breathing exercises, meditations, and ethics that are the center of authentic yoga
  • Sometimes they may be fraudulent paper mills printing out fake certificates!
  • All this is antithetical to authentic millennia-old yoga principles and ethics
  • Meditation teachers are forced to learn physical yoga postures, even though meditation doesn't require postures per se.






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