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RightYoga gives you the authentic yoga certification you need to successfully start your yoga or meditation teaching career.

The surging popularity of yoga and meditation worldwide has brought with it many challenges:, yoga instructor certification online, online yoga certification, become a yoga instructor, size 365434
  • To get yoga certification, self-taught yogis are being forced to pay upwards of $10,000 for classes and courses they don’t need
  • Self-taught yogis are rejected from yoga certification and membership because of many yoga class’s and yoga school’s narrow experience
  • Meditation teachers are being forced to learn physical yoga postures, even though meditation doesn't require postures per se. Similarly, yoga posture teachers are being taught meditation and chakras
  • Self-taught yogis and meditators are being forced to learn stuff outside of their tradition to get certified
  • The yoga taught at many classes is inauthentic, unscientific, and unhealthy
  • The yoga taught in these classes often excludes the highly healthy breathing exercises, meditations, and ethics that are the center of authentic yoga
  • In many cases self-taught yogis have practiced yoga and its principles for generations and are more authentic in their practice than many yoga instructors
  • Yet these authentic non-teachers are prevented from getting yoga certification and influencing the future course of yoga or even interacting with yoga instructors on the same level because they are not allowed to become members on the same sites
  • This means there is no interaction between experienced at-home yogis and new instructors
  • The number of self-taught or home schooled yogis in the world outnumber the number of yoga instructors
  • Yet the future direction, definition, and application of yoga is being commandeered by the minority – yoga instructors and marketers.
  • Unschooled in authentic yoga, many of these newbie instructors are quite ignorant, off-balance, one-eyed, non-spiritual, and non-holistic
  • Some yoga instructors are so insensitive or oblivious to the holistic, ethical, and spiritual monument that yoga is, they are cavalierly instructing their students to drink, eat, and smoke whatever they want – even while attending their courses and learning yoga
  • Some yoga instructors encourage students to profit from yoga as they wish instead of focusing on giving back to the community
  • Some yoga instructors even enter unprofessional relationships with students that bring shame on the yoga name. Due to huge media coverage, this behavior has recently bred some mistrust of yoga instructors. All this is antithetical to authentic millennia-old yoga principles and ethics
  • Some are alleging sexual misconduct by their yoga instructors
  • Yoga students are suffering injuries
  • Many yoga schools offer yoga certification and registration without proper screening of applicants.
  • Some people can get yoga certification before they even learn yoga.
  • Or their certification is so broad, it could be misconstrued that they know asanas and other skills they have not actually learned.
  • Some websites might even have sizable numbers of members. To be registered they only have to submit a paper certificate that they can print at home.
  • These ‘certified’ members and their yoga abilities have not been visually evaluated by registrars. It’s a huge loophole!
  • Even the yoga schools that certified some of these yoga instructors are not screened with visual oversight. There is nobody there to check whether those yoga schools are really teaching yoga appropriately or not. Or whether they are just fraudulent paper mills printing out certificates for a fee?


RightYoga seeks to remedy these and many other challenges by offering experienced yogis the opportunity to get world class, authentic, visually authenticated yoga certification and FREE membership in our Directory without throwing away thousands of dollars to attend a superfluous course they don’t need.

With our free membership, even uncertified yogis will be able to interact on the same platform with certified yoga instructors to mold the future of yoga.

In accordance with the holistic ancient tradition of yoga, RightYoga uses the term 'Yoga' as an umbrella term that rightfully includes yoga postures, breathing techniques, meditations, chanting, and mudras etc.

Therefore our Yoga Certification encompasses all these 'other' skills according to the selections of the applicant.

Yoga certification requires many things: experience, wisdom, knowledge, honesty, and acceptance of numerous ancient traditions.

With so many wonderful self-taught and home schooled yogis around the world wishing to share their skills, we also need to use online technology to make yoga certification for them to be accessible, affordable, and simple.


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