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World Class Yoga Certification

Our thorough and unique vetting of all applicants’ skills makes RightYoga the premier registry of the finest and most authentic yogis in the world.

With our globally recognized yoga instructor certification, you will be able to teach yoga anywhere in the world. Even if you can be a self-taught yogi or a graduate from a yoga school - you will get equal respect. Genuine yoga makes no such distinctions.

RightYoga’s thorough vetting of applicants is aided by our volunteer group of genuine healthcare professionals from all over the world – doctors, nurses, and pharmacists as well as world-class experts in yoga and body-mind-spirit such as former monk yogi Sanjay C Patel.

Additionally, to help ensure yoga instructors act according to the best interests of their students, all applicants are required to accept our comprehensive and unique Eternal Oath of Yoga Instructors.


  1. Provides all yogis the opportunity to get yoga instructor certification, registered, and teach yoga with confidence. We believe all yogis have the right to get certified, registered, and promoted according to their individual skill sets.
  2. Conducts a thorough vetting of a yogi’s skills via 5-30 minute video demonstration and a detailed questionnaire. RightYoga believes firsthand VISUAL evaluation of a yogi’s skills is the best way to award yoga instructor certification and registration. Only after an applicant demonstrates him or herself through video to have a decent ability in the yoga practices they wish to teach does that applicant receive online yoga instructor certification and invitation into RightYoga’s finest community of yogis – instructors and non-instructors.
  3. Manages a registry of authentic yogis based on this video demonstration rather than the usual paper certificates (often phony or easily awarded). Also, while some registries use quantity in hours of practice to evaluate an applicant, RightYoga uses QUALITY of practice as evident in their video to evaluate the applicant. In accordance with RightYoga’s 2000 year’s old yoga tradition, we do not use 50, 100, 200, 300, 400, 500, or 1000 hours to certify yogis. Hours or years of practice are less important than decent and regular practice together with holistic lifestyle.
  4. Provides tailor made certification according to each yogi’s needs. Yogis can receive certification for as many or few yoga postures, breathing techniques, meditations etc. as they need. If you would like to get certified for a single meditation, that’s fine with us. If you would like to get certified for 15 postures, that’s fine too. RightYoga recognizes even one yoga skill can be useful and life changing. We also recognize that every yogi is unique and has unique needs.
  5. Allows yogis to add new skill sets to their certification at later dates so that they can grow at their own pace. This way they don’t have to invest huge amounts of money all at one time and know ‘everything’ about yoga before they can start teaching.
  6. Supports certified yogis by allowing them to display the highly esteemed RightYoga logo. Upon successfully receiving online yoga instructor certification, yogis can download and place the RightYoga logo on their websites, business cards, studio walls, and other places.
  7. Saves yogis money, time, and energy. If a yogi already knows yoga, he or she won’t have to pay thousands of dollars to attend a redundant course to get certified, registered, and visible. She can get her certification right here online. It’s authentic, economical, and fast. Yogis often end up having to pay between $8000 - $20,000 to attend a yoga course that is irrelevant. By certifying them directly via assessment of the video recording, RightYoga saves the yogi $1000s on the course and possibly $1000s more by not being forced to take days off of work to attend the course or studio classes, and pay for travel, accommodations, and food. Yogis also save time and energy since they don’t have to wait years till they have amounted a certain number of hours practicing or teaching before they can register even though they may previously have practiced or taught yoga for decades!
  8. Gathers together all yogis – instructors and non-instructing yogis – to charter the future growth of yoga whilst preserving its ancient, holistic, scientific, and ethical standards.
  9. Invites all yogis to start something grand and life transforming for thousands of people in the same way yoga has transformed them. Yogis can ignite their passion and spread their wisdom and radiance everywhere. They can consolidate their personal legacy. They won’t be unnoticed shooting stars in the night, but rising Suns in the morn.
  10. Enables yogis to attract more students. Students gain confidence in their skills because of RightYoga’s thorough vetting.
  11. Enables yogis to form groups, join groups, and network with other genuine yoga connoisseurs like themselves; to share with them and team up with them. Yogis can mingle with other yoga experts, certified instructors, and healthcare professionals. Many yoga lovers are doctors, pharmacists, nurses, chiropractors, and fitness instructors. They may not all be yoga certified but they are very knowledgeable. We can all learn from each other. In yoga, this is called ‘Satsanga” or ‘Company of Truth.’
  12. Contributes to improving the future of yoga, how it’s taught, and how it’s certified. Other people – especially instructors and celebrities – are doing it. So can every yogi in the world, whether they teach or not, are certified or not. Their voice is as important as other yogis’. Their comments on the RightYoga platform are heard by the who’s who of authentic yoga.
  13. Encourages all yogis to diligently and proudly abide by the Eternal Oath of Yoga Instructors. All yogis who wish to receive yoga instructor certification and registration with RightYoga are required to agree to this Oath. Read it here.
  14. Inspires a sense of pride in the personal practice of yoga as well as in its teaching as a profession.

Yoga instructor certification of ‘brand’ names and franchises

RightYoga currently does not award yoga instructor certification for so-called ‘brand’ names or sequences such as Bikram or Vinyasa Yoga.

But there is another way we can certify your skills. RightYoga can award certification for any specific yoga posture, breathing technique, meditation, or other technique.

For example, Bikram yoga etc. consists of a string of ancient yoga postures, each of which we DO certify.

Benefits of RightYoga Instructor Certification

  • World-class yoga instructor certification
  • Authentic, easy, economical, online via video recording
  • Overseen by real yogis and healthcare professionals
  • Customized for 1 yoga skill or 100 skills
  • Just $501 - save $1000s on yoga courses you don't need
  • No need to attend a registered yoga course or school
  • Can be a self-taught yogi or otherwise
  • FREE Membership in the prestigious RightYoga Registry
  • Teach yoga anywhere in the USA and globally
  • Teach basic or advanced yoga
  • Can be a yogi anywhere in the world
  • Network with yogis like yourself
  • Lead and guide the future of yoga
  • Launch your legacy and get your opinions heard
  • Get found and attract genuine students and seekers
  • Feel inspired and inspire others

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