Our Mission

We believe Yoga has the capacity to bring health and peace to the entire world!

To help achieve this, RightYoga aims to certify 1 million yoga teachers by 2025.

We realize this is an ambitious project. But we owe it to yoga to aim high and begin.

And we have a plan:

RightYoga seeks to encourage all yogis to teach yoga to at least one other person.

If 1 million yoga teachers teach about 100 people each, by 2021 100 million new people will be practicing yoga. If each of these teach about 100 people each, by 2023 1 billion people will be practicing yoga, and so on. By 2025, the world will become peaceful. Yes, transformation of our world could happen quickly.

Alternatively, there are already about 100 million yogis around the world. If we inspire most of them to teach at least 1 other person – perhaps a friend – who would then teach another friend, the spread of yoga would be exponential. If we release their latent energy by helping them get certified so that their talents are taken seriously, they can teach everything they know to others. They can teach their friends, neighbors, and colleagues. These silent yogis can reach far more people than yoga teachers currently can. These silent yogis have the capacity to change the world.

To enable this we believe these silent yogis need to be certified and brought to the forefront along with yoga teachers. Their certification needs to be authentic, easily accessible, customized to the specific skills they have, and economical. It’s what we do at RightYoga!

We believe it is irrelevant from whom or where a yogi learned yoga, as long as his or her skills are decent. Even if you know only one yoga pose, breathing technique or meditation, you can get certified. You don’t have to be able to twist into a pretzel, though ‘extreme’ postures are accepted.

Currently, getting certified could cost between $8000-$20,000 after attending many classes and courses you may not even need. This is a huge waste.

After consultation with world class yogis and healthcare professionals we concluded that certification through video would be better. It is authentic, easy, economical, online, and global. Our certification is overseen by former monks and healthcare professionals. You can’t get much better than that!

Yogis will also need to accept an ancient oath. RightYoga promotes age-old yoga in its ‘right’ or original holistic context. RightYoga is dedicated to preserving what we believe to be the essence of an authentic yoga practice and certification: experience in asanas, pranayamas, meditations, and yoga lifestyle, philosophy, and ethics. RightYoga requests all yogis everywhere to ‘take back yoga’ from the one-eyed, unbalanced, purely glamorous, gymnastic exercise it has often become and espouse its more holistic, healthy, and compassionate lifestyle and philosophy.

This makes our traditional yet modern and streamlined certification unique.

RightYoga believes yoga is about balance in all things. The future of yoga should therefore be guided by the wisdom of both experienced yogis as well as yoga teachers. Both should have a voice. Non-teachers and teachers should work together.

This blended balance is a major reason why the ancient tradition of yoga has survived and thrived across millennia. Its future survival depends on the same fine balance.

Additionally, with the surging interest in yoga worldwide, genuine students are finding it increasingly difficult to find authentic yoga teachers who uphold the highest standards of yoga physically, philosophically, and ethically; reciprocally, yoga teachers are finding it increasingly difficult to get found.

Therefore RightYoga endeavors to provide the finest registry of yogis in the world where genuine seekers can easily find genuine yoga teachers who abide by our Oath!

Let’s heal our world asap! It’s possible if we try.

Become a certified yoga teachers and teach yoga to at least one other person – or even to thousands.


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