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We give free membership to all certified yogis. But we also offer free membership to yogis who do not require certification or those who would like to grow in the company of other yogis in the spirit of Satsanga.

Whether you prefer RightYoga’s globally accepted yoga instructor certification or the dynamic environment of our FREE membership, you’ll receive individualized attention with high quality networking and visibility.

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What is relevant to RightYoga – according to ancient yoga tradition – is that you love and practice yoga – at least sometimes. Yoga is not a competition. There is no bigotry or aristocracy in true yoga. None is greater or lesser than another. We are all equal and connected by a universal consciousness. This is the worldview of authentic yoga. We invite you to become a part of us.

You will network online with genuine yoga connoisseurs like yourself. Share with them. Team up with them. Expand yourself and those who hear and learn from you. Mingle with other yoga experts, certified instructors, and healthcare professionals. Many yoga lovers are doctors, pharmacists, nurses, chiropractors, and fitness instructors. They may not be yoga certified but they are very knowledgeable. We can all learn from each other. In yoga, this is called ‘Satsanga” or ‘Company of Truth.’

Transform the future of yoga, how it’s taught, how it’s perceived, and how it’s utilized. Other yoga practitioners – especially instructors – are doing it. So can you, whether you teach or not. You are as important as them. So please sound off and speak up. Your comments in the RightYoga Lounge and other forums can be heard by the who’s who of authentic yoga. You can get the platform and bullhorn that matters. You can message other members and get your ideas heard.

We invite you to start something grand and life-transforming for thousands of people in the same way yoga has transformed you. Be the spark that ignites your bonfire and spread your wisdom and radiance everywhere.


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