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RightYoga’s unique and thorough vetting of all applicants for yoga teacher certification is aided by our volunteer group of genuine healthcare professionals from all over the world – board certified doctors, nurses, and pharmacists as well as world-class experts in yoga and body-mind-spirit such as former monk yogi Sanjay C Patel.

Our thorough and unique vetting of all applicants makes RightYoga the premier registry of the finest and most authentic yogis in the world.

Additionally, to help ensure yoga instructors act according to the best interests of their students, all applicants are required to accept our unique Eternal Oath of Yoga Instructors.

We are a unifying community of yoga instructors and non-instructing yogis alike. In the true spirit of yoga we do not exclude yogis who may not have learned from a particular yoga school.

Our vision and mission is to help all yogis to transform the world into a globe of peace and harmony.

Sanjay C Patel is a REGISTERED YOGA TEACHER with Yoga Alliance. Right Yoga School is also registered with Yoga alliance.

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