Our Founder and Former Monk Sanjay C Patel (Registered Yoga Teacher Yoga Alliance + Registered Yoga School)

Sanjay C Patel is a former monk of 20 years. He hails from a blessed yoga heritage 2000 years old and rarely practiced in modern times.

The yoga practiced by Sanjay is the completely undiluted form of Ashtanga and Hatha Yoga as practiced similarly by the monks and sages of yore. At age 20, seeking enlightenment, he left the western comforts of home and family in the city of London, UK to live and meditate at a monastery (ashram) as a yoga monk in the wilderness of India.

He doesn’t teach yoga merely from what he has read in books or heard at seminars but from the intense experiences of what he has lived, breathed, and practiced in yoga's ancient practice of self-mortification and self-sacrifice.

Sanjay C Patel, Science and Spirituality, God Is Real, The Yoga MiracleSHORT:

Sanjay rejected all pleasures and comforts of the body and delved into yoga, meditation, self-control, self-development, spirituality, and helping the poor.

Without receiving any salary or compensation or other source of income whatsoever for 20 years, Sanjay dedicated the prime youth of his life to helping the poor and those afflicted by floods, famine, and earthquake in India.

He developed self-control by meditating five times a day, by focusing his 5 senses 'inwards' - that means by controlling the worldly focus of his eyes, ears, nose, tongue and skin and sending it inwards towards his true self and inner divinity.

He endured fasting without any food or water for eight (8) days a month, every month, and every alternate day during one month of the monsoon period every year, often enduring an additional 4-6 days consecutive fasting. He subsisted on simple vegetarian foods, renouncing delicacies and savories such as onion, garlic, tea, coffee and chocolate.

He avoided television and radio, lived in open dormitories and slept on the hard floor. He observed celibacy and endured the furnace-like heat of summer and the freezing cold of winter, without heating or air-conditioning, walking barefooted on the scorching earth or through the muddy fields.

He practiced and studied Ashtanga Yoga and Meditation in all its arduous eight levels. He also practiced Hatha Yoga, studied Sanskrit and yoga philosophies, theologies, the World Faiths, and Modern Science.

He learned yoga from Yoga’s greatest: HH. Pramukh Swamiji (BAPS), Chidananda Swamiji (Divine Life Mission), Chinmayanand Swamiji (Chinmaya Mission), Chinna Jeer Swamiji, Satyamitranand Giriji Maharaj ji, Ramdev Swamiji, the Dalai Lama, and many other monks and scholars.

Consequently, he experienced the blissful transcendental experience called Yoga Samadhi. This is the highest goal of yoga, rarely attained. It is a condition of spiritual bliss and inner awakening that reveals the spiritual connectedness and oneness of all people and things.

Sanjay taught genuine and life transforming yoga postures, breath control, meditation, philosophy, mysticism, self-control, methods to achieve success and achieve one's dreams to tens of thousands of seekers in USA, UK, Canada, Europe, India, and Africa.

He was also involved in numerous charitable projects directly helping thousands of needy people and children in rural India.

He also excelled academically. After receiving his degree in Divinity at the monastery Sanjay’s extraordinary discoveries concerning similarities between ancient yoga beliefs and modern science got published in peer-reviewed, international, mainstream scientific journals.

His discoveries are the FIRST in the world to get such international acceptance in the scientific community!

Publication of his thesis in these mainstream journals is considered in academia as a post-PhD achievement. He was thus invited to present his remarkable findings at the 22nd International Congress of Historians of Science!

Sanjay is also the first to discover a 100 percent coherent scientific explanation of Noah’s Flood and Genesis’s Seven Days that resolves the centuries-old, red-hot controversies. This is an achievement that has evaded the Church for decades.

Sanjay is the author of eleven groundbreaking books.

He left monkhood after 20 years to share the wisdom he absorbed. He loved life as a monk. Now he’s loving life as a happily married man in the USA.

In all, Sanjay has authentically practiced and studied intense yoga, meditation, and charity for 40 years – 24/7. He has a non-dogmatic, non-judgmental, compassionate outlook. His greatest inspiration are his parents and spiritual teacher Pramukh Swami ji who was also his thesis guide.

This is just a small glimpse of how Sanjay has lived for decades.


Sanjay C Patel is a REGISTERED YOGA TEACHER with Yoga Alliance. Right Yoga School is also registered with Yoga alliance.

Sanjay is undoing the one-sided discussion of science and spirituality and brings the whole truth to your attention for your perusal. He is evolving into a powerful and charismatic voice for spiritual moderates.

The new facts Sanjay highlights are productive and highly useful in nurturing harmony between science and faith and between the world’s faiths.

Sanjay is the author of 11 books and has appeared on numerous radio programs and spoken at numerous venues. He has taught employees of Apple, Oracle, Google, Walgreens, Barclays, Walgreens, and many other large companies, including universities and colleges. He has also spoken at mega conventions before audiences of 10,000 attendees or more.

In 2004 Sanjay became the first person in the world to present objective, verifiable evidence (based on ancient yoga texts) that subjective spiritual experiences are objectively real.

  • This remarkable research concerns non-trivial similarities between ancient yoga beliefs and modern science. It is one of the few spiritual discoveries to be so indisputable that it has been published in mainstream, peer-reviewed, international scientific journals. The paradigm-breaking research concerns deep-sea volcanoes, hydrothermal vents, and identical objects named Vadavanala Agni by ancient yogis.These vents on the deep-sea ocean floor were discovered by scientists in 1977 only after diving to crushing depths of two miles in a specially designed submarine. But yogis described the vents 2000 years ago while meditating. How is that possible?
  • Sanjay was invited by The 22nd International Congress of Historians of Science attended by approximately 2000 university professors from around the world, to deliver a talk on his remarkable findings concerning ancient yogis and their extraordinary knowledge of science. The chair of the session commented, “I found Mr. Patel’s presentation by far the most interesting and I agree with his conclusions.”
  • In 2007 Sanjay also became first to present a fully scientifically compatible explanation of Genesis’s 7 Days and Noah’s Flood. His solution is complete, coherent, and in line with mainstream science. Though the debate continues in uninformed circles, the centuries-old controversy begun by Darwin is resolved.
  • In response to his deeply touching experiences, Sanjay embarked upon a mission to help others connect with their own spirituality and experience its priceless rewards – self-control, success, and the fulfillment of ones dreams. He has traveled extensively around the world with his message of experiencing peace, harmony, and personal success through yoga.
  • In August 2004, Sanjay delivered an enlightening talk on Work-Life Balance to 600 medical doctors at a seminar in Chicago on the same platform along with the bestselling author Dr. Deepak Chopra.
  • Traditional degree in Divinity.
  • Post-doctoral level 30 year full time study.
  • Publication in peer-reviewed, mainstream, international, scientific journals.
  • Former monk of 20 years who lives and breathes genuine yoga.

Spirituality is beginning to WIN!

Wherever Sanjay speaks, he eloquently debunks the skeptics and re-educates them. At universities, students and teachers stay on for hours after his talks to listen and ask further questions. He is open to any and all questions. It’s an extraordinary phenomenon. Spirituality is truly coming of age and winning.

Read these groundbreaking books by Sanjay:

  1. God Is Real: The Stunning New Convergence of Science and Spirituality
  2. The Yoga Miracle: How Yoga and Meditation Bring You Health, Happiness, and Spiritual Wellness


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