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Our mission is to help yogis and yoginis like you get certified authentically and affordably, so that you can make a difference in people’s lives by teaching them yoga and ancient wisdom.

Hi, I’m Sanjay. I practiced, studied, and taught Ashtanga, Hatha, and Kundalini yoga in depth as a monk for 20 years. During this time I also fed and helped the poor in India and around the world.

Following is what you’ll enjoy when you receive our yoga teacher certification:

  • Teach yoga in USA, Canada, UK, Europe, Australia.
  • Highest level certification by USA-based former yoga monks and medical doctors
  • Global respect wherever you go
  • Customized certification for as few or as many yoga techniques as you need
  • Certification within two weeks
  • Save thousands on unneeded courses
  • Earn a happy living and make a difference in people's lives
  • Compassionate certification. If your skills are decent we will definitely certify you
  • Bonus "Teach Like a Sage" training: you will get 3 of my best selling books FREE
  • FREE access to my online videos and VIP Private Facebook group! (TOTAL VALUE = $765)
  • USA-based certification helps with Visa applications
  • Affordable fees
  • Peace of mind 100% no risk refund guarantee!

Teach yoga in USA and Europe with Visa!

If you would like to teach yoga in the USA , Canada, UK, Europe, Australia etc. and you live abroad, one of the best ways is to apply for a work visa. However, you will need to prove your yoga credentials on your visa application by referencing a respected USA certification agency.

Our RightYoga team of yoga certifiers includes USA-based former yoga monks, medical doctors, and other board certified health professionals. We are a verifiable agency and highly respected in the USA and Europe etc. In fact, we are the only yoga certifying agency in the world that consists of this great combination of true yoga monks and USA medical professionals.

It is also a great time for you to teach yoga abroad because there is a huge shortage of authentic yoga teachers in USA and Europe. With the growing interest in yoga by the general public in millions, there are not enough yoga teachers.

Many businesses are also hiring full-time yoga and meditation teachers for their staff. Big companies reserve one room in their building for a private gymnasium and yoga classes for their staff.

Hospitals and healthcare clinics are also opening yoga rooms on their campuses for patients and staff.

But they all need authentic yoga teachers. You can be one of them!

Your FIRST step is to get authentically certified by a legitimate USA based agency like RightYoga that has both deep yoga and government recognized medical doctors.

This is the first solid step you must take if you are aspiring to come to USA or Europe and convince Visa officers that you are a qualified yoga teacher.


Why are our fees so affordable?

We are a group of former monks from learned Vedic backgrounds and USA medical doctors who have practiced and studied yoga our entire lives. We are also experts in the scientific aspects of yoga and we are unmatched pioneers of peer-reviewed and other research studies of ancient yoga beliefs.

Students will truly respect your skills and tutorship. This certificate from yoga monks and doctors is all you need to begin teaching yoga with profound wisdom and supreme confidence.


Since we are former monks profit is not our motive.

That is why our fees are very low and affordable. Our aim is to give you the highest quality certification with the lowest fee. We even give 50% of these fees to charity.

Our certification gives you the credentials you can confidently boast about. And you don’t even have to learn yoga from us. You can learn yoga from anywhere and anyone in the world. See Requirements

We respect your learning, from whomever you may have learned. As long as your skills are DECENT.

Lots of love and light! Namaste






My dream has come true!

"When I saw other people teaching yoga, I always dreamed of teaching too. But the certification classes are too expensive. But now I got the best certification in the world from Sanjay ji and already I have 23 people joined in my classes! Thank you Sanjay ji." Shreya Mehta (Uttar Pradesh, India)

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